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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Looking across Portland Harbour to the Purbeck Hills.
This is the view from my Stuck Foot Post for August

What is a 'Stuck Foot Post?
A stuck foot post is where you plant your foot firmly in a roughly random place and see what you can see without moving. Best is when you plant both feet. If you are on a slope or some other kind of difficult ground you may need to move the other foot for the sake of balance - but you mustn't move the 'stuck' foot' You can bend your body this way and that. You can lean forward and twist at the waist - but you mustn't swivel that stuck-foot.

To find out more, there's a page about Stuck Foot Posts.
If you'd like to join in, do. It's very informal.

I'll be putting a link box for Stuck Foot Posts on Loose and Leafy on the following dates.
21st August
21st November
21st March
Each box will open at 7am (UK time) on the 21st of the month
and close at 7pm on the first of the next month.
(So this box will close at 7pm on 1st Sepetember.)

Remember to put a link to your Stuck Foot Post not to the blog as a whole.
The box will close at 7pm UK time on 1st September so there's plenty of time.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


You might like to click the picture to see the teasel in the foreground close up.

This is all a rush. Very silly. I dashed out to choose a place for a Stuck Foot Post.

Nettles with their flowers silhouetted against gathering clouds.
I thought I might go to the sea and find sand and shells and seaweed and driftwood and all sorts of plants and objects. It was going to be very interesting and artistic - and we haven't been to the sea for a while. Erosion and cliff falls have seen to that.

But the moment I set out the weather began to glower. I had to choose somewhere to put my feet fast.

I saw some teasels in flower and stopped. I like the sea but I like teasels too.

This little flower was a bit pinker than it looks in the picture.

I grabbed some snaps and hurried home before the rain started.

Initially, I took this to be the flower of the Common Mallow - Malva sylvestris. But I was wrong. It's a Cranesbill. (But of what kind?)  I can never get these two straight! 

Brambles, brambles everywhere!

Blackberries are ripening. Some look deceptively tasty. They aren't yet sweet enough to eat - but there are lots of them this year.

These blackberry flowers were tucked under the hedge.

And when I got home? The rain came in a great squirt - as if someone had turned a hose on and was directing it directly at the windows while throwing pebbles at the same time. It didn't last long - but I'm glad I didn't go to the beach.
The idea of a Stuck Foot Post 
is that you choose a place and put your foot there.
Any old place will do.
You can choose it because it's familiar and you want to know it in more detail.
Or you can choose it at random.
Then you see what you can see.
Without moving your feet. Not once. Not even slightly!
There will be a Stuck Foot Post link box open for a week on Loose and Leafy -
starting on Thursday 31st August.

If you'd like to know more - there's a Page for Stuck Footers