Documenting the seasons of coastal Dorset. I'm a complete amateur so don't trust I'm always right. If ever you see I'm wrong - whether with identifications or in anything else - do say!


Wild plants and insects, gardens and occasional book reviews.
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Fold the South Coast of England in half and you'll find Weymouth - with Dorchester a little to the north. That's the part of Dorset where I live. LOOSE AND LEAFY describes and documents the hedgerows and coastal plants of the area. I go for walks and tell you what I see. I poke at seaweeds and get close to insects. Sometimes I visit a garden but the focus is mainly on the wild (and that includes plants which grow in kerbs and drains and on the edges of pavements - cities and towns are not excluded).

Please note - I am nothing but an amateur. Mistakes creep in from time to time. If you come across a mis-identification let me know; really. And if you have interesting information to add - do tell us in the comment boxes attached to the end of each post. Don't worry if you are brief (it's good to hear from you) but feel free to say a lot too. This is an opportunity to pass on knowledge and information.

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At the top of the page you'll see a tab which says 'Identifying Things'. There you'll find links to other sites in no particular order. I simply add them as I go along if I think they are useful or fun to browse. Entries are idiosyncratic; additions are erratic.

Indeed almost everything about Loose and Leafy is erratic. Sometimes I have a good idea and put it into practice. Sometimes I say I'll do something and don't. (Like promise to post a series of pictures or write a 'Part Two' but it never happens.) For this I only half apologise. I don't really know why I write this blog. It sort of crept up on me. I don't think there's another quite like it. But I do hope you like it and enjoy it and want to read it lots.  (And put up with me when I forget to answer comments . .  or only some . . . Be assured though that I read and appreciate them all.)

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